Workplace Counselling

Why workplace counselling?

How many working hours are you losing through stressed, unhappy employees, struggling with challenging work and life issues?

However much you try to reduce sources of stress in the workplace and improve employees resilience to pressure, it is not possible to influence what happens outside the workplace.

With effective counselling, employees are able to concentrate more fully on their working lives and give more fully to their jobs.

Is workplace counselling successful?

In a major new study by Professor John McLeod of the University of Abertay, Dundee, the following was noted.

After workplace counselling:

  • Levels of work-related symptoms return to normal range for more than half of all clients
  • Levels of sickness and absence fall by 25-50%
  • Levels of job commitment and satisfaction rise
  • Levels of substance abuse are reduced

Workplace counselling is valued by staff:

  • The majority of those who use workplace counselling say they are ‘highly satisfied’ with it
  • The same number would use the service again (if necessary) and would recommend it to their colleagues

How does it work?

I work on a short-term basis with employees who have personal or professional issues  which are hindering their work performance.

I usually suggest that a client comes for an initial session to see if they feel they can work with me and whether I think I can help them.  If we agree to go forward, I generally offer a maximum of six 1 hour sessions.  Clients may then choose to continue privately with me if they wish.  I also offer telephone counselling sessions which work in the same way.


Sessions take place in the workplace if appropriate and there is a room available or alternatively at my counselling room in Stratton, Cirencester.


Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm.


Please contact me for details.