Why Couples Counselling?

• Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship?
• Has communication become challenging or seemingly impossible?
• Are you wondering what has happened to the love you once felt?

Couples Counselling is for you if you and your partner want to resolve relationship issues together but feel that you are unable to do so by yourselves. Often when communication seems too difficult, couples become distant from each other and feel that they want to give up.

Or perhaps you simply feel that your relationship is not as good as it could be and would like to do something about it but you’re not sure what.

Through guidance in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, couples have the opportunity to talk and listen to one another openly and effectively. Issues that have previously felt too challenging can be brought up and discussed in the safety of the counselling room with the three of us together seeking mutually beneficial solutions.

Having a compassionate third party present to guide and support communication and conflict resolution can be a deeply rewarding and helpful experience.