The Truth About You

Turn on your inner light

Turn on your inner light

In the last week I’ve had the pleasure and huge privilege of seeing not one but two women walk into my counselling/coaching room just glowing. It was as though an inner light had been switched on and they looked, well, they looked beautiful. (You know who you are, ladies!)

The thing is that in one sense they hadn’t done anything dramatically different. They hadn’t won the lottery or fallen in love.   They had simply (and I know it doesn’t always feel simple) re-connected with something inside of them and discovered parts of themselves that had been buried for years.

As one of the women said: “I had a lightbulb moment when I remembered, what it was like to be me.  I felt confident and in control which made me feel empowered.  This has helped me respond to tasks or situations in a much more positive way.”

These wonderful women reminded me so powerfully that our search for happiness always has to start with that connection. Anything we want out there in the world can never replace that sense of inner well-being and power that we experience when we are atuned to ourselves.

In many ways this makes my job very simple. No matter what your problem, part of your answer (the biggest part) will always be to help you re-discover YOU, re-connect to those parts of yourself that you somehow lost along the way.

(That ‘way’ is an ever-winding path that starts with the first “you can’t do that” and continues through your first heartbreak, job loss, motherhood – nothing quite like motherhood for putting the focus on someone else then losing ourselves! Bless ‘em. You can start to feel half driven mad because you know you’re not being you, but no longer know how to be you. Or, even worse, think that the half-mad-harpy actually IS you! But anyway, I digress….)

Then from that place of feeling good in your own skin, having a quietly growing sense of confidence, knowing “Yes, this is me. I recognise this person, perhaps from long ago.” you can have, be and do those things you long for.

More than anything, I want you to know that anything you’re seeking is already there. It’s a journey with no distance and never believe that you’re not enough or there’s something wrong with you. Once you’ve had that “light bulb moment” you’ll know that you have everything you need to be the person you want to be. And that person is always, without fail, YOU.

Wishing you the best,


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