“Succeeding and failing all at the same time. That was me and it was exhausting. If I had not met Carrie I would have been okay, my life would not have stopped but I would have just existed and not really lived and feel fulfilled. I think my first words to Carrie were ‘I’m just stuck in a rut’ and I felt embarrassed at first as there was nothing actually ‘wrong’ with me. Carrie put me at ease straight away and I felt surprisingly comfortable in the situation. I’ll never quite understand what happened to me after my first proper session but from that moment forward everything changed for me (as corny as it sounds it’s so true and I was extremely sceptical at the start). I addressed my grief that I had buried so deep I didn’t even know it was there. Because of Carrie’s patience, kindness and understanding I felt able to finally ‘let go’. I cannot recommend Carrie highly enough, she has a true passion to want to help people be the best they can be and live the life they deserve and she has a way of getting you to believe in yourself. Thank you Carrie from the bottom of my heart.”  Jessica


“I cannot recommend Carrie enough. She’s helped me to become the person I always wanted to be, grow in confidence and consider myself as important. After a traumatic event in my adolescence, an event I had come to understand in my adult life I’d never had the chance to fully deal with, I sought Carrie’s help and am so glad I did. Through kindness, talking and listening, Carrie helped me deal with this event and to place it firmly in my past so that I could look forward to my future.”

“I’m now more sure of myself, more confident in my relationships with others, and looking forward to what next year has in store. I cannot thank Carrie enough for helping me to become fully present in my own life and ready to face the future with a confidence I never thought possible.”  Sarah


“My sessions with Carrie have been life-changing. At the beginning, they were also life-saving! Words can’t really describe it, but words I do strongly associate with Carrie are warmth, empathy, trust, peace, support, energy and hope. It would be easy to say “Carrie changed my life”, but she gave me something much more than that – she helped me find in me, what I needed for me to change my life. Working with Carrie has been an absolute gift, and without her I’d be in a very different place right now.”  Judith


“With Carrie’s guidance and gentle humour, I have evolved from a frightened, withdrawn person, lacking any confidence or self-belief into someone who can again recognise my strengths, attributes and inner beauty. She has helped me come out of a suffocating chrysalis and now feel like a butterfly sitting basking in warm sunshine, gently swaying on a flower and considering all my options in the wider world. It is her brilliant combination of insight coupled with practical actions which have enabled me to take steps to re-engage with myself and the world, and it feels good! Carrie has helped me to dismantle and rebuild the me I didn’t believe I could be. With a combination of her insights and practical actions, I now have an emotional toolbox to go to when I need it.”  Martha


“I would recommend having a course of sessions with Carrie to anyone. She really helped me to talk through a whole set of feelings and emotions which were hindering me from living a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Speaking with Carrie was a genuine pleasure as she is patient, kind and listened without judgement to help put a number of things which had grown out of proportion back into perspective.”  Karen


“When I first met Carrie I had lost my way. In the last few years I’d suffered some huge personal losses that had left me anxious, depressed & struggling to cope with everyday life. I wanted to bounce back & after much deliberation (this wasn’t the sort of thing I did) I decided to reach out to Carrie. With compassion, support & patience Carrie helped me talk about my inner most thoughts & feelings. Carrie never appeared to judge me & with a kind heart gently provided the guidance that helped me pull together all the pieces of the jigsaw & regain the confidence I’d lost. If I could have my time again I would have gone to Carrie a lot earlier, it would have saved me years in the emotional wilderness. As I progress through life I will continue to meet with Carrie as I value her expertise & wisdom.”  Stuart


“It had been suggested that I may benefit from some counselling or life coaching. I was unwilling to acknowledge I needed any help to find myself again, regain my confidence and most importantly feel happier. I reluctantly agreed to book my first session and was very cynical it would help. I was completely wrong and during our sessions my understanding of where “me” had gone became clearer, my confidence grew and I had a very clear “lightbulb moment” when I suddenly found me! I may not change a great deal in my life but I am now able to see what I have and I love it, so actually I have everything I need! I will hopefully find new challenges and will use my new acquired skills to help me deal with situations that may arise in a much more balanced way. Many thanks to Carrie for all her support.”  Christine


“I had reached a point in my life where I felt constantly angry with everyone and everything. This was having a negative effect on family relations and my own happiness but I couldn’t find peace. With sensitive and respectful direction and intense empathy, Carrie led me on a journey through my personal life experiences and emotions. She helped me identify, acknowledge and accept the parts of my personality that drive those emotions, objectively challenge learned principles and overall view myself and the world around me with a more balanced mind-set. Carrie is a genuine and perceptive person and I felt she provided me with a safe space in which I could explore my innermost thoughts and achieve the outcome I had hoped for.”  Adrian


“I contacted Carrie after a short illness had left me feeling anxious, unhappy and not sure how I was going to get life back on track. Even after our first session I felt like a weight had been lifted as her gentle questioning and prompting made me look at things in a different way and gave me a clarity of thought that I had not had previously. I found her professional, warm and genuinely interested in helping me. I now feel like me again!”    Clare


“After more than 40 years of living with a positive and optimistic outlook I thought I knew it all. Then relationship problems re-appeared. The sessions with Carrie opened my eyes to mysteries about myself I could never solve. How the past dictated my being, how past generational experiences had impacted on me and how to escape this conditioning. You will not find a more patient, comforting and yet challenging environment to understand yourself.”  Don


“’I found that the counselling process with Carrie lived up to all my expectations and much more. Whilst I was hoping to find answers and to understand issues which I had struggled with, little did I expect that counselling would go beyond this and help me reach an understanding and acceptance of events; a sense of ‘settlement’ and the ability to enjoy ‘now’ and look forward to the future.”  Samantha


“I’ve always been rather sceptical regarding counselling in general without really having a real understanding of what is involved. One of the best decisions I have made to date was to admit that I needed help and luckily Carrie was there to help me. Over the last few months, Carrie has helped me to unravel various parts of my personality and find a greater sense of self, balance and serenity that has changed, and continues to improve my life. My friends and family have noticed the positive changes and difference in the way I approach things. I have never felt more able to deal with life’s challenges. Regardless of your personal situation, what I know you’ll find with Carrie Rose are kind words, support and sage guidance, which will help you to find your own way back on the right track.”  Gavin


“Carrie has made me realise that the old me is still there, but was just very buried – I can see myself now as an adult who still has a tremendous amount of living left to do. She has made me feel positive and confident about myself again. I am not sure how, but she has. Thank you Carrie”  Nicki


“My time with Carrie was enormously useful in coming to terms with some very difficult issues. I found an understanding ear and a fresh perspective gave me the ability to get back to being the old me – but better.”  Clive


Surnames have been omitted to protect my clients’ anonymity