Live a Life That Works

How do you, as an employer or HR professional, deal with the challenges facing your employees which extend beyond the workplace?  How can you best support your workforce to look at their lives and make choices that are healthy and positive for them, leading to improved performance at work. 

Live A Life That Works is an out-of-office hours mentoring programme, potentially beneficial to all employees but especially those who are finding both work and life particularly challenging and stressful.

The course provides an opportunity for participants to stand back from life at work and home, assess what is working, what isn’t and find better ways forward.  


To improve the quality of life at work and home for employees in order to be more engaged, empowered and motivated in the workplace. 


  • To assess current reality of work and home life
  • To provide the knowledge and tools to enable more balanced, rewarding work-life choices to be made
  • To understand the conscious and subconscious blocks to having a life that works well
  • To create specific goals and take next steps in order to have a fulfilling work and home environment 
  • To enable employees to be more motivated, engaged and productive  


8 x 2 hour sessions once a fortnight out of office hours.

The programme can also be adapted to meet the specific needs of your employees. 

To find out more, please contact Carrie on 01285 862158 or for any questions you might have.